Soap Stone Diffuser

Soapstone Diffuser

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Fair Trade Soapstone Diffuser 

This Soapstone Diffuser is a Certified Fairtrade.

Simply place a chakra melt in the reservoir and place a lighted tea candle inside the burner base, and enjoy the ultimate aroma experience.   The warmth of the candle will melt the wax disc.  Take care not to move the diffuser as wax can spill. Do not leave the wax warmer unattended.  Do not warm the melts on a stove or in a fire.  Do not add water to the wax.  The matte and neutral glaze of the diffuser and the and ambiance created from the candlelight make this diffuser great for any decor. Tea candle not included. 

You can also use your Soapstone Diffuser with essential oils.  Place water in the upper reservoir and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil. The candle under the water bowl will warm the water to a point where the essential oils will disperse into a fine vapor throughout the air to be enjoyed by your olfactory senses. Essential oil diffused into the air can provide respiratory aid and disinfection and have psychological benefits.  Your spirits can rise when you smell something uplifting like lemon and orange or a citrus blend. Lavender can help to calm and relax you.  

Do not leave candles unattended.

Made in India.