Is Oil Pulling Really Effective?

Cleaner Skin, Healthier Gums, Whiter Teeth: The Benefits of Oil Pulling

The holiday season is over. The cupcakes have been eaten and there may be one more glass of red wine to be had. So what now?  I’m pretty sure nothing says the New Year like “detox”.  Do I really have to? I don’t want to just eat green vegetables and drink more water.  Well, here is an easy ancient alternative.

What is Oil Pulling?

Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique that helps to detox the body.  All you do is swish oil around your mouth for 15 minutes in the morning.  This will help to detox your lymphatic system. It may sound gross, but it really isn’t that bad.  If others have sworn by it for hundreds of years, why not give it a try.

How does Oil Pulling Work?

Dr. Fife says that the oil acts like a cleanser.  Oil is fat and fat-soluble toxins are drawn to fat. While you swish it around your mouth, teeth and gums, it draws or pulls bacteria out which has a detoxifying effect.  Oil pulling removes toxins through mucous membrane of your mouth.  You spit out the oil, you spit out the toxins.

Why is it important to detox our mouths?

Our mouths harbour over 600 species of bacteria.  Remember that ditty you learned as a kid…. The elbow is connected the arm bone and the arm bone is connected to the….   Well, your mouth is connected to your esophagus and nasal passages which are connected to …   Do you get it? So, bacteria in your mouth can be an issue.  Some bacteria is classified as good bacteria, but some bacteria is bad and can lead to poor health.

The toxins in the mouth often meet the body and blood stream, which in turn can affect the skin.  Clear out toxins and impurities can positively effect your skin.

Where’s the proof?

Many people have written about the positive effects of oil pulling. Studies have shown that oil pulling decreased of bacteria in the mouth and reduces plaque and improves the condition of the gums. Also, oil pulling has a positive effect on bad breath.  It is a well know fact that the health of our mouths reflects the health of our bodies. Healthy mouth helps achieve a healthy body. 

What else can Oil Pulling do?

Bad bacteria and germs in your mouth can lead to inflammation.  Better oral health can lead to less inflammation.

Prevents tooth decay.

People claim that regular Oil Pulling whitens their teeth. Yeah! Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?

Supports a healthy immune system.

People have noted that their skin clears up from blemishes and looks healthier. 

"Removing bacteria and toxins from the body eliminates a great deal of stress that results in improved energy levels," said Dr. Fife.

What kind of Oil should I use?

Coconut oil has bacteria fighting properties and is anti-microbial. Plus, it tastes good. Make sure you use organic coconut oil.  You can also use Sesame, Olive and  Sunflower Seed oil.  I use St. Francis Organic coconut oil.

Oils are amazing.  Oils are fat and fat soluable and are also a wonder for skincare and antiaging. 


I can’t tolerate the feel of Oil in my mouth

It really isn’t that bad.  I am not sure why, but soon after you start to swish, the oily feeling disappears.  It ends up feeling like you just have some liquid in your mouth. Just don’t use too much at one time.

How do I do It?

Start with 5 minutes a day first thing in the morning.  I swish and walk around getting things ready for my day.  It is amazing how quickly 5 minutes goes when you are not paying attention.

Progress slowly to 10-15 minutes per day. If your jaw starts to hurt, you are working to hard.  Gentle swishing or movement of the oil is all that you need.

Don’t swallow. Remember, the oil is full of yuck. Spit it into a garbage instead of the sink so you don’t clog your drain with oil.

She does it again.  Mother Nature knows the best tricks to improve your health.