Relaxation Massage

Swedish Massage Unwind with this gentle and soothing relaxation treatment. Firm but gentle pressure is applied to promote physical and emotional relaxation and well-being, and ease muscle tension. Feel stress and tension slip away at the hands of our masseuse. A sugar or salt scrub to exfoliate your back leaving it silky smooth. Choose from three appointment lengths to suit your needs and schedule. $50 (30 min.) $90 (60 min.) $140 (90 min.)


Indian Head Massage The Indian Head Massage releases stress that settles into your shoulders, neck and head. If you carry your tension in these areas or just want to experience deep relaxation and peace, this is the treatment for you. This ancient Ayurvedic system of healing increases circulation, relieves stiffness and tension, expels toxins, and promotes healthy hair growth. Our masseuse will create in you a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. $75 (50 min.)

Hot Stone Massage Luxuriate in the healing art of hot stone massage. Revel in the experience of having your body massaged with warm oils while hot stones glide over you, creating a deep sense of warmth, comfort, and relaxation. This is truly a decadent experience that will calm and relax your mind and body. $140 (90 min.) BodySense is committed to using the highest quality all natural products; we only use paraben free and organic massage oils in our body treatments.