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Corpa Flora marries two very important skin health needs.  That is facial oils and facial serums. Corpa Flora combines skin hydration and skin nutrition.

Each skin type is unique. Skin type needs change depending on skin condition, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, or stress. Corpa Flora products allow you to customize your product dose depending on your skin's needs. 

Facial oil (lipids) penetrate the epidermis (where most conventional beauty creams cannot go), and strengthen the skin’s natural lipid barrier with essential fatty acids. Serums rich in hydration enhancers and ingredients to treat penetrate deep into the epidermis to treat your skin concerns. 

Corpa Flora's mission is to:

  • create gentler and greener alternatives to conventional skincare
  • carefully formulate their products with clean and safe scientifically tested ingredients
  • use the power of cosmeceutical molecules (clinically tested in vivo)
  • use natural and organic plants that are ethically harvested to preserve their sustainability and delicate beauty

An example of their search for healthy alternatives is their use of Bakuchiol which is a gentler and vegan alternative to Retinal.  It is made from the Babchi seed and using it does not cause sensitivity to the sun like conventional retinol.  Another product that they created, their Beaute Divine Facial Cleanser won the Canadian Beauty Group prize for the best innovation. 

Corpa Flora is a Canadian company based out of Montreal, Quebec. They are always:

  • cruelty-free
  • vegan
  • all-natural ingredients

Corpa Flora gives back to the community. In 2017, Corpa Flora began a donation campaign to raise funds for the Breast Cancer Quebec Foundation. 


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