About Us

BodySense Go Natural Boutique and Spa

The company first started in 1999 as the Dundas Electrolysis Clinic (DEC). Its focus was electrolysis and laser hair removal and offered a few personal care products. Eventually, the DEC changed its name to BodySense and moved to its current location in the historic Collin's Hotel. 

 Sandra's Story - New Beginnings

Sandra Gemin

My interest and eventual love of nature's magic began in 1990 at the age of 25 when I had to undergo brain surgery. I have tremendous respect for modern medicine. It saved my life; however, I learned that it could not address all of the health issues that resulted from my surgery. Post-surgery, I had terrible migraines that were often debilitating. I took all sorts of medicines, both prescription and over the counter, to cope with the pain and nausea. The medication I took created stomach and digestive issues, which I treated with more pharmaceuticals. Also, my childhood friend Eczema returned with a vengeance. I didn't know it then, but I later learned how closely the health of one's skin is related to the health of their digestive system.

As I approached my 30's, I began researching alternative natural remedies for symptom relief. The first herbs I took were ginger and turmeric; ginger for nausea and turmeric for pain and inflammation. Bingo! I discovered nature's gifts and a healthier way. I changed my diet, learned more about healthy living, and was reborn. Eventually, my kitchen and bathroom cupboards became home to only unprocessed, natural, and organic foods and body care products.

Hair Removal Enters the Picture

By my early 30's, the Eczema on my legs was terrible, and I could no longer shave them or walk with bare legs. Luckily, I met an electrologist who helped me begin my journey of hair removal. I hoped that if the hair were gone, the skin on my legs would clear up. The treatment helped. However, the real cure was healing my digestion. I started seeing a naturopath, changed my diet, and researched healthy products.

In 1999, I opened the Dundas Electrolysis Clinic that focussed on electrolysis and laser hair removal.  Eventually, I moved locations, changed the company name to BodySense and added a few holistic therapies to the list of services offered.

At the same time, I found myself traveling to other cities to find good, natural body, hair, and cosmetic products. I wished I could go to one store that had everything I needed, plus excellent service. Then came my "aha" moment: why can't that business be right here in Dundas? I wanted to offer services that made people feel good and were good for the body. Also, I wanted to provide a healthy alternative to mainstream body care.

In 2010, I found a new location, and here we are (and yes, the skin on my legs is healthy and eczema free!). BodySense is a natural health and beauty boutique and spa. It is an answer for the mainstream woman looking to make healthy changes. For those of us who already buy natural and organic products, we offer fantastic choices. 

Supporting Canadian Natural Products and Our Passion

Since we started our small business, we have focused on the natural and organic face and body care available. As a small business owner, I know how hard it can be to run a successful business. From interacting with other small business owners, I know firsthand the heart and soul that is put into small businesses. A few years ago, we shifted part of our focus to carrying as many Canadian products as possible.  On our online store, you will see that over 95% of our chosen products are Canadian. As of late, with the global pandemic, I am reminded of how important it is to support my local economy.