Reflexology is a focused pressure technique directed at the feet. According to the alternative medicine of reflexology, the condition of every organ is reflected in the feet. By stimulating your feet you stimulate the organs of your body. This can effect health and well-being. Our reflexology treatment incorporates hot stones. The warmth of the stones aids to bring you to a deep state of relaxation and comfort. There are many benefits to this treatment. The benefits are: increased state of relaxation, decreased stress and anxiety, improved circulation and a support for your bodies natural healing abilities. Studies show that pain can also be affected. We top off this treatment with a loving calf massage using natural body lotions . This is a wonderful compliment to other natural therapies, such as massage, acupuncture and osteopathy. Feel your stress melt away!


  • If you’re pregnant, make sure to tell your reflexologist before your session, as some pressure points in the hands and feet may induce contractions. If you’re trying to use reflexology to induce labor, only do so with your doctor’s approval. There is a risk of premature delivery, and babies are healthiest if born at 40 weeks of gestation.

$80/treatment (50 min.)