Ilike Organic Skin Care
Restore and balance your skin with the world’s finest quality organic skin care line from Hungary. Recognized globally for its naturopathic formulation, it is a results based line. Organically grown fruits, vegetables and herbs are hand-picked and made into a pulp to create products that are very high in vitamins, antioxidants and healing properties. See www.szepelet.com for complete information on ilike skin care. Your skin becomes alive and your glowing results are long lasting.

Explore The BodySense ilike Experience! Much more than just a facial. Fall into bliss with our facial massage. While nutrient rich masks feed your skin, experience the healing hands of your attendant deepening your relaxation with déccoleté, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and calf massage. Yes, it is a whole body experience which you deserve.

Ilike Acne Facial with Lymphatic Drainage
Exfoliation, deep cleansing and lymphatic drainage help to decongest the skin bringing it back to balance. Suggestions are made for a home regime to help keep your skin smooth and healthy.

$160/treatment (1.5 hr)

Ilike Intense Hydration
Fight premature aging, environmental stress and dehydration. Feed your skin a high concentration of Vitamin C from Hungarian paprika and sour cherries. Nutrient laden masks made of peaches, pumpkin or phytoestrogen based plants feed and heal your skin. Specialized antioxidant moisture-enhancing plants will leave your skin feeling plump and full of life.
$160/treatment (1.5 hr)

Specialized ilike Rosacea Treatments
Products are chosen to gently exfoliate your skin. The focus is on decreasing inflammation, redness and congestion in the skin.

$160/treatment (1.5 hr.)

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