What Makes Your Eyelashes Grow?

We're so excited because we recently discovered an all-natural eyelash growth serum that ACTUALLY WORKS!  We have been using it on her lashes and have had unbelievable results. Introducing EyEnvy! The EyEnvy lash serum is now Canada's #1 salon exclusive lash conditioner. When used daily, it seriously improves length and volume of eyelashes. You can even use it on eyebrows too!

How do I apply EyEnvy?

EyEnvy is extremely easy to use! It's non-invasive and doesn't interfere with your daily beauty routine. Firstly, ensure that the eye lid is clean and dry. Shake the ingredients in the bottle, remove the excess product from the tip of the wand by stroking it on the neck of the bottle 3 times. Apply EyEnvy to the lash line as you would an eyeliner starting from the exterior to the interior area. Do not double-dip. Apply only in the morning every day for 3 months, and after the 3 months, apply every other day to maintain results. Do not apply on bottom lash.

What if I have sensitive eyes?

If you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients, EyEnvy is probably not for you. We recommend usage every other day for sensitive eyes. Your results may take 2 extra weeks, but you will achieve results. Sandra has extremely sensitive skin and eyes and she uses EnEnvy every day with no issues!

When will I see results?

Everyone’s results may vary based on factors like age, sex, and application frequency. You may also achieve different results due to genetics, or if you are taking medication that affects your hormonal system. Typically most individuals start seeing results within 4-6 weeks. Full results are achieved within 3 months.

How do I maintain my long lashes?

After daily use of EyEnvy for 3 months we recommend applying our conditioner every other day. For sensitive eyes apply the conditioner every third day.

I wear lash extensions, can I use this product?

Yes. Because the product is applied to the skin and not the lashes it will not interfere with the bond of the glue. Make sure to wait 48 hours after your refill or full-set to allow the glue to adhere well. Many lash technicians recognize the benefits of using a lash conditioner with lash extensions for many reasons. The benefits of adding vitamins to the root of your lashes help to strengthen the bulb. Due to the added length and volume of your lashes the technician can successfully increase more lash placement. Clients who want longer lashes but are limited due to their very short lashes can achieve longer length results because their lashes are long enough for the technician to apply even longer lashes which will adhere. Due to the increased density the technician may apply thicker lashes. We do recommend applying the product every other day while you are wearing individual lash extensions.

How long does a tube of EyEnvy last?

A tube of 2.0ml of EyEnvy will last up to 3 months if used daily as recommended. Once opened, the formula will remain active for 9 months. Unopened, a tube of EyEnvy is good for 18 months.


I wear contact lenses? Can I use EyEnvy?

Yes. We recommend inserting contact lenses approximately 15 minutes after applying EyEnvy.

Can I use EyEnvy on my eyebrows?

Yes. EyEnvy can significantly improve the density of your eyebrows. Always keep in mind that if there has been any trauma to the eyebrow area which includes scar tissue, hair will not grow.

Why is it better to put on EyEnvy in the morning?

The reason why EyEnvy is best to be used in the morning is because studies have shown that when products near the eyes are applied at night, they have an increased chance of sensitivity to product due to various factors. When used in the morning the eye’s lacrimal glands are more active, sensitivity is reduced leading to a healthier experience with any product.

Can I apply makeup after using EyEnvy?

Yes, you can use all forms of make-up after applying EyEnvy, including mascara. We suggest that you first apply EyEnvy to a clean lid and then let it dry for 1-2 minutes. You may then apply make-up as usual.

I have/had cancer/treatments, can I use EyEnvy?

It is recommended to begin using EyEnvy 6 months after the last chemotherapy treatment. It will not have any interference, but rather because the effects of chemotherapy to kill cells in the body will not allow EyEnvy to take its full effect. Thus, using EyEnvy 6 months after treatment will ensure more accurate and stable results. Lastly, due to heightened sensitivity from chemotherapy, you should start use under the instructions for sensitive eyes, which would be to apply the product as instructed every other day.

Can I buy EyEnvy online?

EyEnvy cannot be bought online. This a product that is exclusively sold in spas and salons by salon owners, estheticians and professionals in the industry. EyEnvy is available in store at BodySense!

We are available for curb side pick-up during Covid restrictions. Give us a call!