Shop Local - Why is it important?

BodySense is proud to have been a part of the downtown Dundas community for over 11 years now! We love the cozy downtown feel and we love supporting the local, small businesses around us. There is so much good that comes from shopping locally and supporting small businesses. While online shopping is convenient, there are a lot of drawbacks and negative affects that come from it. We're going to share the top reasons why you should shop local and avoid online shopping when possible. But if you need to shop on line

Why is shopping local so great?

It supports the local economy.

Shopping local directly supports the local economy. By supporting businesses in your town, you're putting money directly into the local economy, instead of that of another country. This means that workers in your very own town can keep their jobs, get paid fair wages, and then put even more money back into the local economy.

When you shop at BodySense, you're not only supporting local by supporting BodySense itself. You're also supporting numerous other small and local businesses. We strive to carry as many locally made and Canadian products as possible. Each time you buy a hand crafted product, you're supporting a dream, an entrepreneur, a family, and SO much more.

You get better customer service.

Shopping at small local businesses means that most of the time, you get far better customer service than when you shop at a big name corporation with staff members who often don't care to provide a high level of service.

When you shop local, you get to know the workers at different establishments, and that means they get to know you too! Shopping at a local store on a regular basis means that the staff members get to know what products you prefer so they can help to serve you better. How great does it feel to walk into an establishment and be greeted by a smile and somebody who knows your name? It feels so special! It builds community and adds to your overall shopping experience.

Small businesses support other small businesses.

Local business owners often feel the incentive to support other local businesses for both business and personal reasons. Chain businesses often tend to get their supplies from big corporations. It's true that we love to support the other businesses in Dundas too, and the Dundas community is truly fantastic at supporting each other and building community and relationships.

It keeps your community special and unique.

Supporting local shops helps the community thrive and it supports it's uniqueness! For example, Dundas is known for delicious food, health conscious and eco-friendly shops, boutiques, clothing shops, consignment shops, and more. Not to mention the amazing summer festivals!!!

Supporting these local businesses means that they can keep their doors open, which keeps the town filled with small and unique shops, instead of corporations and big departments stores that lack charm.

shop local

The ugly truth about online shopping.

Online shopping often supports cheap, mass produced good.

One of the biggest reasons that people shop online is because they can often get a really good deal on products. Have you ever wondered why items online tend to be so inexpensive?

Goods purchased online very often tend to be made of cheap materials, and they're often mass produced in countries such as China. Remember also that many items produced in other countries may have been made using child labor or by workers who work in unsafe conditions and aren't paid fair wages.

This is why supporting goods that are made locally is great, because they are often hand made, and made with care and good quality materials, for a product that will last a long time.

If you wonder why the cost of products in your local shops are more expensive, it's often because small retailers can't keep up with online shopping, which drives costs up. The more that a small business thrives, the more they can keep costs low!

You don't get to inspect the product until it arrives.

How many times have you received an online purchase only to find out it wasn't exactly as promised? Perhaps the quality not as good as claimed, or the product doesn't look as it appeared in the photo?

Purchasing products in store and actually inspecting them in person means you don't ever have to regret making a purchase!

Lack of customer service.

Shopping online often means a lack of customer service. If you have an issue with a product or order, resolving issues can sometimes be difficult. Problem solving face to face with employees can often be far more effective and rewarding.

When you shop local, everybody wins!

In conclusion, shopping local has far more pros than cons. If you can make an effort to shop in local stores more frequently over online shopping, everybody wins and you can make a real difference in the world!

From our hearts to yours, we thank you so much for supporting BodySense and supporting small business! All of our staff are grateful for every connection we've made with our incredible customers, and we thank you for keeping business in Dundas and supporting Canadian made goods.