Footlogix Rough Skin Formula 7+

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Footlogix Rough Skin Formula is anti-microbial with Spiraleen.  Effectively treat dry, rough, scratchy, or sand-paper like skin prone to fungal infections. Urea locks in moisture. Ideal for seniors, people with Diabetes, and those who are immuno-compromised.

  • Treating superficial cracking, dry, rough, scratchy, sand-paper like skin
  • People who are often barefoot.
  • People who often have their feet exposed to bare floors in gyms, pools, hotel rooms, and places where they may be exposed to the fungus.
  • Suitable for Diabetics, Seniors and those who are immuno-compromised
  • Urea locks in moisture
  • Spiraleen is effective again dry, rough, scratchy or sand-paper like skin
  • Supports skin prone to fungal infections.
  • Apply to clean, dry feet twice a day for two weeks and then apply daily until the condition of your heels resolves.