Helena Lane Rose frankincense facial mist
Helena Lane Nourishing Rose & Frankincence Hydrating Mist
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Helena Lane Nourishing Rose & Frankincence Hydrating Mist

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Helena Lane Nourishing Rose & Frankincense Hydrating Mist

Floral and nurturing, this flower water heals and refreshes the skin.

The Hydrating Mists have two purposes in skin care, they can be mixed with oils (moisturizers or face oils) providing valuable hydration for the skin, and they can be used as a gentle cleanser.

  • Frankincense and rose support skin regeneration, hydrating, anti-aging and healing
  • Blood orange helps to shrink and tighten pores and bring radiance to dull complexions
  • Hydrates the surface layers of the skin which aids in nutrient transportation, waste product elimination and cell communication – all vital for healthy, great looking skin

Product Size: 120ml

  • All skin types
  • Especially dry and mature skin
  • 100% certified organic ingredients
  • Non-drying and non-sticky
  • pH balancing to help protect and maintain our skin’s natural barrier, the acid mantle
  • After cleansing, mist generously over the face and follow with your moisturizer or face oil.

  • Alternatively, mix 2-3 sprays with your moisturizer or face oil prior to pressing into your face.

  • As a gentle cleanser. Spritz the face generously then remove with cotton pads or damp cloth.


Rose hydrosol (distillate)
Frankincense hydrosol (distillate)
Blood Orange hydrosol (distillate)


Over the last 20 years I have seen the natural and organic skincare industry become more and more complicated; ingredient lists are getting longer as the ingredients are getting more refined and processed, as companies strive to make the products easier and cheaper to manufacture. These highly processed natural ingredients can be as un-beneficial as the synthetic ones whilst misleading consumers into thinking they are getting the real thing.

We now understand that good food for our bodies is unprocessed and nutrient-rich. I believe this is also true for the food for our skin. I try not to put “junk” into my body, so why would I put it on my skin?

I want you to do less to your skin. I believe most people use too many products with too many ingredients, too often. This interferes with the skin’s own processes of growth and repair, which long-term, causes the skin to deteriorate and become unbalanced. My skincare respects our own natural processes of rejuvenation and encourages our skin to work for itself again; the aim is to use fewer products over time not more, and not to rely on products to make our skin look good.

My formulations have only a few ingredients but ones that are richest in nutrients for our skin. I have chosen only unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients.

I’ve been reading ingredient labels for years and still get overwhelmed! I want you to read my labels and truly understand what is going onto your skin and therefore into your body.