BUTTERFLY WEED Herbal Hug Baby Wash

Butterfly Weed Herbal Hug Baby Wash

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Natural Baby Body Wash

Handcrafted herbal wash effective for cleaning the baby's delicate skin. A mild and effective alternative to soap, this gentle sulphate-free cleansing formula is fortified with skin-nourishing herbal extracts to leave baby's skin pampered, soft, and ever so touchable.

• SLS free
• No artificial colours, fragrances, detergents, synthetic or harsh ingredients
• Gentle for use on newborn skin
• Essential oils of Lavender & Ylang Ylang help calm and soothe baby
• Can be used as a gentle shampoo and safe bubble bath
• No numbing agents – this wash is not tear-free

  • All baby skin, including sensitive skin

Product Size: 100ml

  • a gentle cleanser for baby
  • completely non-toxic
  • made with herbal ingredients

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  • Use as a body wash when washing baby
  • Use as needed

Alkyl Glucoside (from corn syrup), Extracts of Nettle, Plantain and Slippery Elm, Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Deionized Water, Essential Oils of Lavender, Red Mandarin, Petitgrain, and Ylang Ylang.

About ingredients in Butterfly Weed Herbal Hug Baby Wash: 

Plantain leaf is used to heal wounds, cuts, and scratches. 
Petitgrain essential oil is extracted from the fresh leaves and young and tender twigs of the orange tree through steam distillation. It has antiseptic, deodorant, and uplifting properties.  
Vitamin E is high in antioxidants and is an important vitamin for skin health. 
Lavender essential oil is very popular and widely used. It is calming, aids sleep and smells wonderful

Butterfly Weed Herbals has formulated a line of products specially to meet the needs of mom through all stages of her pregnancy. Using only the finest ingredients, our products have been embraced by health care professionals for use by their clients, attesting to their safety and effectiveness. As life develops within, Butterfly Weed provides products that nurture and pamper mother and provides her with the confidence that she is making a healthy choice for herself and her baby.

Made by Herbalists in Toronto, Ontario!